Buying the Tile

So we have been having a hard time pricing out tile and the slat walls. Everywhere we go super expensive. I've tried Facebook Market and craigslist but nothing pan out. I decided to do Wayfair. I had a business account with them from my previous businesses and had a revolving $800 credit. Meaning I can get $800 worth of stuff, and as I pay it down it, my available credit goes back to $800. (Cool Right) 




When I received the first to slat walls, I was disappointed to learn they were plastic. The discerptions say "heavy-duty," and I'm hoping it does work out. We can't wait until the floors come!^^^^^^ Don't they look pretty?

The used and new Slatwalls. 

Another setback is trying to find a truck to pull the trailer. Following Monday, I will go to a couple of dealers to find a suitable truck or SUV.

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