So Friday, I decided to link up with a couple of people to paint the trailer. I thought it would be colder to paint today than any other day. I recruited my daughter's father, my daughter, and my friend Kee-Kee. We started painting around 5:40 until 8 pm. We noticed an extra can of paint would be needed for the second coat. My daughter's father and I also made a plan for him and his friend to stop by Tuesday to use one of those painting sprays. We thought it would be faster and more officiant. 



Hopefully, after painting, they put the floors down ;). I decided to start working Tuesday again because the electrician is supposed to come out to look at the wiring. The trailer has a hook up to the generator that will power the lights, the air conditioner, and a couple of electronics. 


Hopefully I get it up and running before August 1st! 

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