It Came!

So today I spoke with the company. They were able to refund me some money towards the trailer because of the new dents. Around 8:30 am, we got the okay to have it delivered. All day, I was worried about a bunch of things. I have an 8.5 x 20 trailer being delivered! This was huge!!!

I got the call around noon that the trailer will arrive at the storage site by 12:43 pm. At that time, I knew I had to be there to make sure everything went smoothly.
I meet the storage unit manager Elijah where he helped me get set up. He provided me with all my necessary paperwork to rent the parking space and make sure I had everything (Wink Wink). We looked around the parking lot and spoke about ways to park the trailers. The parking lot is super tiny!



Around 1 pm the trailer pulled up. I was super excited and scared. I had no idea what to do. The older guy opened the trailer for me and showed me the inside and its wiring for lights, which is a plus. We figured the parking spot provided was too small because it would cause problems getting out. After parking, I was able to sign all my paperwork and stare at it some more lol.

While looking around the storage unit area, I noticed a big lot across the street. To make the trailer into my dream store, I would have to start fixing it up. I knew the storage unit would not kindly take someone coming in and doing contraction in the parking lot. The store manager was able to call the lot owner and ask them if I'd be able to talk to them.

I found out the owner's name was Sheerif. He stated he would charge me $100 for the month to complete the contraction on his property. He even suggested using one of his trucks.
p.s I do not have a truck to pull the trailer yet :/

Using his lot and trucks would allow us to work faster and not have to tow the trailer around the city trying to find a place. This would also give up enough time to check out different trucks that could pull the trailer.


know any good trucks let us know!


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